Virtual exhibition – Andy Brown’s salt and pepper pots

As the only salt museum in the country, we’re delighted to bring you some of Andy’s vast collection of salt and pepper pots, in a virtual exhibition.

Andy, who runs Psychamok Records in Wallasey, Wirral, said: “I started collecting in 2004 in a rather roundabout way. I’d just got two lovely Saint Bernard puppies and was researching the breed online when I somehow stumbled across the Saint Bernard salt and pepper pots. Our passion for salt and pepper pots started from there, who’d have ‘salt’ it?

“We’ve had fun sourcing salt & pepper pots from dealers as well as having gifts from family and friends. I must have a couple of hundred sets around the house, though I’ve never bothered to count them. As the collection has only ever seen by my wife and I, it is nice that other people will enjoy seeing them too. Who knows, it might inspire someone else to start a collection – we’ve yet to meet another salt & pepper collector.”

The easily navigable virtual gallery simulates the experience of walking around a gallery (and you can even go outside and gaze at the sea for a bit if you like). The exhibition showcases a fraction of Andy’s wide-ranging collection, which includes an Olive Oyl salt pot and Brutus pepper pot; a Bugs Bunny set; salt & pepper scooters; a postman and postbox; and even a Yellow Submarine dividable salt and pepper pot.

Our thanks go to Andy for sharing his fun and unusual collection with us and the wider public.