The Mundling Stick

Please click on the links for PDF versions of the Mundling Stick, from 2008 – 2016
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Summer 2016
National Lottery Best Heritage project
World War I roadshow
Salt Wagon restoration
Early salt makers

Spring 2016
Worth its salt
The Power of volunteers
The human pipe-cleaner
Inspired by the Salt Works


Spring 2015
41 Years
A visit to the Lion Salt Works
The Trust and future


Spring 2008
HLF Award approved
Programme of work
What will be new in 2008

Winter 2008
Endorsement from Cheshire West and Chester contracts signed with HLF and NWDA
Canal display makes link with the Anderton Lift
Small sums help make huge improvements

Winter 2007-2008
BBC programme Countryfile films at Lion Salt Works
Donation of Painting to trust
Environmental sampling checks for contamination


Spring 2007
ERIH Plaque unveiled
Brunner Mond’s £15,000 funding bonanza for Lion Salt Works
Grant Aid from Northwest Development Agency, Cheshire Rural Enterprise and the Manifold Trust

Summer 2007
School Visit by Wincham School CP
Funding still needed but almost there

Autumn 2007
Conservation Plan goes digital
Butterfly conservation – Autumn tidy
Jabez Thompson Planters


Spring 2006
Heritage Lottery bid Stage 1 approval
Science week at Lion Salt Works
Thornbush Towers

Summer 2006
Match funding challenge through the Salt Arch
Prehistoric and Roman Coastal Salt Making in Britain
New trustees and a proposed Salt Court

Autumn 2006
Borough Council pledges £750,000
Book Launch
Jabez Thompson

Winter 2006
Pledges urgently needed
Update on BBC Northwest tonight
Salt Court


Summer 2005
Success of Salt tellers
Submission of Bid documents to HLF
The Works

Autumn 2005
Nantwich food festival
A trip to the Fete du sel at Sailes-de-Bearn, France

Winter 2005
Heritage Lottery Bid assessment underway
Lion Salt Works trust
Education a publication


Winter 2004
NWDA Grant award supports salt works
Conference summary
Conference details

Spring 2004
A ‘Viewers vote’ building in BBC 2’s ‘Restoration’ Series
How the buildings were chosen
Filming schedule

Summer 2004
Lion Salt Works ‘Restoration’ Northern region Runners up

Summer 2004
Restoration Plans to be unveiled
Experiment with ceramic salt pans
Ancient Arts

Winter 2004
Comberbach School raise funds for the Lion Salt Works
National Lottery’s 10th Birthday
Visitors to Marston


Spring 2003
English Heritage Grant Aids Building Survey
Maketing Study Grant aided by DEFRA
Own a replica Kitson Salt Kit Salt 2003 raffle prize

Summer 2003
Historic Salt making
The Romans are coming
Salt 2003 demonstration day

Salt 2003 Salvete Welcome

Autumn 2003
Success of Salt 2003
Animated film
Lionel the Lion mascot


Spring 2002
Model Workers make an exhibition of themselves
Salt glazed ceramics
Salt for sale

Summer 2002
Salt Arch Celebrations
Site now scheduled ancient monument
Merseyside Young Archaeologists club learn how to make salt

Autumn 2002
Civic gift to Rychnov District
A postcard from the USA
Eureka – Images of salt making

Winter 2002
Christmas 2002 Salt Angel
How to make: A Salt Box
The History of the Lion Salt Works Guillotine
Winter 2001-2002
Have you seen this mug before?
First Scale your pan
Comparing Northwich and Luneburg


Spring 2001
Objects return to Lion Salt Works
Liftable Buildings – An interactive reconstruction
Towards a working museum

Summer 2001
An action plan for restoration
The conservation statement
An energy concept for the Lion Salt Works

Autumn 2001
Thompson Lion found in garden
A new view from the air
New trustees


Spring 2000
Henry Ingram Thompson looks over new guide to Lion Salt Works
Landscaping scheme nears completion
Salt 2000

Summer 2000
Restocking the herb garden
Radio 4

Autumn 2000
First research report published
Tom Lightfoot 1914 – 1996
Open pan salt making in Cheshire

Winter 2000
Trust appoints conservation Architects
Salt 2000 VRETA Award


Spring 1999
Wood as Fuel demonstration day
World-Wide connections
Work for 1999 and looking forward to 2000

Special Event Newsletter Spring 1999

Agenda 21 Celebration Edition 1999

Summer 1999
Prism Fund
Research for new salt book
Orchids bloom in June

Autumn 1999
Extension to salt making demonstrations during heritage open days ‘99
New Discoveries of Jabez Thompson Bricks
Ongoing feasibility studies

Winter 1999
Looking forward to 2000
North West Water Landcare
Manchester Airport community grant £5000


Spring 1998
Replica Roman Salt Pan
TV News report from Salt Works
Private siding uncovered

Summer 1998
Brown Tourism signs put Salt Works on the map
Tourism fact finding tour from Austria
Salt Glazing experiments a success

Autumn 1998
Museum Registration
Carnegie UK Trust supports ‘VR Northwich’
AJ Thompsons Office

Winter 1998
Winter Exhibition previews slat glazed pottery
Images of brine pump and derrick add to records of Salt Works
Further Genealogy connections with Northwich


Spring 1997
Salt Works Contributes to Salt in Strafford Video
Salt Works in the pink
Bore Hole Investigations

Summer 1997
Web site for Lion Salt Works
Museums Week
Two new student projects

Autumn 1997
Founding sponsor scheme
Tools of the trade No.4
World Monuments watch

Winter 1997
Mersey Basin Panel at the Lion Works
Henry Thompson visit Salt Works
Lostock Gralam CP School, learn about salt making


Spring 1996
Boiler House
Solar Pan(el)s
Tools of the trade No.1

Cheshire Show edition 1996
Salt making at the Cheshire Show

Autumn 1996
Salt Boxes: an exhibition
Greenpeace praise Salt Works Solar Power
Tools of the Trade No.3

Winter 1996
Fred Talbot Weatherman
Repairs to smithy underway
History of Yarwood’s shipyard


Summer 1995
Trust Moves to the Lion Inn
At the sign of the Red Lion
Repairs to the Manager’s Office

Winter 1995
First Prize for Lion Salt Works Picture
Salt Boiling Success
NVQ in Warder and Visitor Service